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Nights & Weekends - Never Let You Down

We love music, so it followed naturally that we'd want to marry it with our love of filmmaking and visual storytelling. The music video of Nights and Weekends' song Never Let You Down is the resulting love child.

The life of a touring rock band is tough, especially in Northern Ontario during the winter. However, it is not without it's rewards and great joys. Being a longtime friend and fan of the band Nights and Weekends, they asked us to tag along and capture life on the road.

In the video for their song Never Let You Down, we wanted to distill the essence of the band, and their passion for what they do. 

Nights and Weekends lead singer Brendan Beamish said of the video: 

" is our music video for my favourite song, Never Let You Down. It was shot and edited entirely by our friend and partner Jeff Brownell, and it puts a happy lump in my throat every time I watch it. This video is the perfect summation of everything I love about Nights and Weekends..."

We hear you Beamish... happy tears only!


Band Members

Brendan Beamish (vocals)

Jermaine Hamilton (vocals)

Davey James (drums)


Jeff Brownell


Jeff Brownell


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